Visual Swing Trainer

Launch Laser™ is a visual training aid that attaches to the knob of the bat and projects a laser that provides a visual reference point on the ground. Launch Laser™ helps instruct the fundamentals of proper swing mechanics; which include loading the hands into a good launch position and tracking the swing path. These are two key areas that most young hitters struggle with, but Launch Laser™ allows hitters and coaches to visually see these problem areas and correct them. Through repetition and exercising sound hitting mechanics, you are able to create consistency, and that’s what hitters and coaches are striving for at any level.


Launch Laser Instruction Manual


  • Koyie Hill

    Wichita, KS
    10-year Major League Professional

    “Launch Laser provides visualization and that is the most powerful tool an athlete can utilize at any level.”

  • Mark Morawski

    Bloomfield, CT
    Private Hitting Instructor

    “The launch Laser is an excellent training aid to give immediate feedback when teaching proper hitting mechanics. It simplifies and reinforces where the hands and bat should be at the launch position. My students use the Launch Laser daily and it is a valuable tool in my arsenal to help my students excel.”

  • Steve Reilly

    Seymour, CT
    Assistant Coach

    “Now I only have to say the words “Launch Laser” to my players when they are up at bat to remind them of the type of swing they need!”