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Player Profile – Wyatt Jenkins

Launch Laser Player Profile

Age: 8
HT: 4’3″,
WT:  60lbs
Grade:  3rd.
Hometown:  Owensboro, KY
Baseball Team:  9u Owensboro Blue Sox
Jersey #14
Position:  3rd Base, Catcher and Pitcher
Nickname:  Wyatt Earp, but my little sister calls me Wyatt, Wyatt, Be Quiet.

Who is your sports hero?
Ozzie Smith, I even do his fielding drills from YouTube

Best baseball advice anyone has ever given you?
Attack the inside of the ball.

Favorite pro baseball team? Player?
St. Louis Cardinals, Carlos Beltran


How did you get started playing baseball?
My dad started playing baseball with me in our backyard when I was just two

Why do you play baseball?
Because it’s my favorite sport and I’ve always had fun playing it

What are your individual goals for this season?
To get my first over the fence homerun and get better at pitching

If you could improve one thing in your game what would it be?
My pitching

What makes a team?
Teammates working together to improve the whole team and good coaches

What team do you hope to play for when you grow up?
St. Louis Cardinals

How have you been using the Launch Laser to better your hitting?
I’ve been using it in my garage to make sure my hands are in the right place and to make sure the barrel of my bat is up.

Have you noticed improvement in your swing after using the Launch Laser?
Yes, I noticed it and my dad said my hands were quicker right away.

Outside of baseball what do you do for fun?
I play travel soccer in the fall, indoor Futsal soccer in the winter, basketball and I wrestle. I also like going to Kentucky Lake to go boating. On weekends when I’m not playing sports, I enjoy riding on our gator.

Date posted: November 15, 2013