Visual Swing Trainer

Simplifying the Hitting Process

Vype magazine
February 2013

Wichita entrepreneur, Justin McClure has always had a passion for baseball. He played junior college ball at Butler Community College and now coaches his son’s little league team. It wasn’t until he noticed his son was having difficulty transitioning from tee ball to seeing live pitching that he came up with the Launch Laser™. We sat down with McClure to talk about his invention.

What is the Launch Laser™?
Launch Laser™ is a simple visual training device that attaches to the knob of a bat and emits a laser beam onto the floor, giving the hitter and a visual reference as to where their hands are in conjunction to the angle of the bat and allows them to adjust for optimal swing.

How did you come up with the idea?
Launch Laser™ came about in 2010 when my son, Bradyn, was transitioning from tee ball to seeing live pitching. He was struggling with his swing and I wanted to help by giving him a visual reference. I had the idea of placing a laser pointer in the knob of a foam bat and giving him strategic target zones so that he could visually see where the laser should be pointing. After seeing improvement in his swing almost overnight I knew that we had something great.

How does the Launch Laser™ help to simplify the hitting process?
Coaches generally find that hitter’s hands are not in a good position to start the swing, which causes the bat path to be longer and slower through the zone. When trying to instruct the hitter on how to correct the problem, coaches can sometimes overcomplicate the process by using technical terms that the player doesn’t understand. As a visual reference, the Launch Laser™ breaks down the steps of getting ready to hit by providing instant feedback as to where the bat needs to be pointed. After a few repetitions with the Launch Laser™, the hitter gets into a better position more often as it becomes part of their muscle memory.

What feedback have you been receiving?
We have been receiving some great feedback. We were recently at the American Baseball Coaches Association and World Baseball/Softball Coaches Conventions and received rave reviews for the product from coaches of all levels. Professional hitting instructors, Paul Sanagorski and Billy Hall, are using the product to help instruct proper swing technique.

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Date posted: February 1, 2013