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Starkey Inc. providing product support for Justin McClure’s Launch Laser

Josh Heck
Wichita Business Journal
June 18, 2013

Starkey Inc. is helping Justin McClure ramp up sales and production of his Launch Laser training device for baseball and softball players.

Starkey’s employment services division provides people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities with job opportunities.

Among the tasks Starkey clients are charged with for McClure are testing, packaging and distribution. The work is being done at Starkey’s main location at 4500 W. Maple.

The number of people working on the project at any one time depends on Launch Laser’s volume of orders.

McClure kicked off Launch Laser in earnest earlier this year. The device attaches to a bat and uses a small laser to train the batter to perfect his or her stance.

McClure says he has been impressed with Starkey’s willingness to help with Launch Laser. He sees working with Starkey as a way to give back to the community while creating jobs at the same time.

I spoke with McClure about Starkey’s involvement with Launch Laser on Tuesday as he was en route to the College World Series in Omaha.

McClure, who also owns Justin McClure Creative, will spend a few days there marketing and selling the Launch Laser, which originated when he was trying to help his son, Bradyn, transition from tee-ball to live pitching. McClure’s product is also being featured at baseball tournaments around the country in conjunction with He says the Launch Laser will be featured at about 190 tournaments around the country over the next four months. McClure says he’s sold about 1,000 units so far. The Launch Laser sells for $49.99.

Starkey Inc. isn’t the only area company McClure is working with on his new product. S and Y Industries in Winfield, for example, has helped him find ways to improve the product and make it easier to manufacture.

Date posted: June 18, 2013